Thursday, November 19, 2009

13 months old update

Amazingly, my 13 months old boy is able to play slide on his own! Super kid!!!

Today discovered another milestone as he's able to come down from the stairs by putting his legs down (rear facing) steps by steps. Yippee!!! Zheng was screaming whenever he wants to come down from upstairs as he was afraid to come down on his own. He is brave now.


Weight: Think he grows abit flesh as can see the tummy obviously from side... LOL!

Height: Unsure as no measurement taken


This little boy has snack throughout the day! He doesn't take more than 3oz of formula milk per day but loves Milo and yoghurt drinks alot.

Porridge for lunch and dinner (even the same for En En!), biscuits or cookies or bread in between meal. Sometimes, he will eat apple, orange, papaya and pineapple at late afternoon. As long as he's awake, he will munch on food! Specially in love with crunchy food maybe he loves the crunches sound that he makes when biting...

He still snack on McB througout the day except that it's lesser at daytime but can't live without McB if it's nap time and at night.

Verbal/ Vocab

Discovered some new words from this little boy lately:

"buall" -ball

"wow! Wow!" - mimic the dog's barking and the way he says dog

"b-yau" - bu yao in mandarin (means don't want)

Other Developments

Overall, he speaks late compare to En En but achieved way too fast on other motor skills. He mimics or follows whatever En En is doing or saying almost IMMEDIATELY and learn very fast.


- Strong determination (Never give up easily and will do whatever he can to get what he wants)

- Bad temper in wanting everything to be done quick

- Tough and rough (imagine he's able to mix in and pay with kids that are En En's age or older)

- Happy baby (always smile with anyone even stranger)

- Food lover (as long as not mushy and yucky type of food)

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