Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I don't want to go to school!

Lately En En is getting very naughty than before. She will answer us back in opposite or reversely to make ones angry. When we told her she can't do A,because will cause B to happen but she will told us she LIKES B. So, whenever she said she likes something, she's going to do it or want to have it no matter what.

Yesterday morning, she refused to go to school no matter how we sweet talk her or bribe her... none was successful. At the end, Ah Mah, Ah Kong, Zheng and mummy got to accompanied her to school and that was 1 hour late!!!

She was not friendly and gave us the long face when she reached school. We pretended to stay there with her but in fact went back after she went in class. Teacher Alison told mummy En En was doing fine, just like her usual self and there was no sign showing that she hates school at all!

Well, probably she was upset for the past 2 weeks when mummy dropped her to school but went off before her break time. She expected to see mummy there during her break but always disappointed. In fact, she was crying during her first week in school but getting lesser when she was in her second week. Still, she doesn't seems happy to be alone, without any family members in school.

Rou En, you are growing so fast and you need to learn to be independent. School will be your second home for the coming 20 years, perhaps. This is just your baby step in your learning life that everyone will go through... and so do you! In another 2 years time your little brother will be going to school like you. Mummy and daddy hope that you will love school and have fun too!


wen said...

my gal lately very lazy to get up to go to school. wats up with this year

slavemom said...

Just give her more time. She seems to be doing fine in sch.