Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year Resolution

Normally I don't have resolutions just for the year... it happens to be, well... all the time until I achieve or fulfill them. Quite bad huh?

So here goes for this year (or started from this year :P )

- spend more time in the kitchen which I seldom do

- taking charge of my 2 kids daily life together as much as I can (since En En still stick to Ah Mah)

- blog more, get more paid post (it seems like quite hopeless nowadays), spend more time with my kids, knit less (how could this possible???)

- do scrapbooking! It's been like ages I never touch scrapbook, no even 1 layout about Zheng and he's approaching 2 years old soon!

- pick up my music lessons, go back to music education industry (yes, starts to work gradually...)

- wean off Zheng from breastfeeding when he's over 18 months old slowly (sooo reluctant *sigh*)

- involve in more charity works with MMPS, other mothers' group (I'm still a new beginner in this area), lend a hand for new mothers in any form of help that I could offer

- live a greener life by recycling more in the house... (which means spend less money)

- reduce time spending in Farmville! (sounds familiar??)

What else? I think I still have a list of them but never mind... I'll be very happy if I could complete all of the above...

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Sharath said...

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