Sunday, February 28, 2010

Many, many updates...

Before the end of Chap Goh Meh (the 15th day of Chinese New Year), must update the blog!

Mummy lost count of how many things or incidents to be jotted down and blog about En En and Zheng. Well, about mummy too...

Too many things happen before, during and after Chinese New Year. Mummy just not so determine like last time to blog so often. Oh yeah... one of mummy's THIS YEAR resolution is to blog more... hopefully able to get there.

Let's start with En En

En En is now no longer the shy and timid little girl we once used to know. Ever since she goes to nursery schoBoldol, she is now talking louder and clearer, mix well with her peers, responding well to questions we throw to her and also reasoning.

She is VERY INTERESTED in ANIMALS! PHDC programme from Astro no longer her favourite and guess what's her favourite channel?? ANIMAL PLANET! No.556... gosh... She LOVES documentary film! Well, it's good that she's learning alot from the animal world.

Health & Diet
But, still a very terrible picky eater and of lately we notice she will vomit out her food if she feels pressure from us scolding her or raise up the voice tone when talking to her. She seems weak after attending school... probably due to lung allergy too. Gosh, my girl been confirmed having allergy and from our monitoring for the past 8 months, she has reaction towards room temperature changes.

The other problem is and still is CONSTIPATION! She refuses vegetables and fruits, that's the major culprit. We are still trying to give her variety of food selection but she's not even interested to taste them. *Sigh*


Started trying to wean 3 days before CNY, but only wean him off McB for afternoon nap! It's so terrible and difficult as Zheng is a very strong will boy. He is the type that you don't give me nen-nen, I don't want to sleep! On top of that, he cried non-stop for 1 hour with annoying screaming and cursing in his own words that only God knows!

Some methods used to wean him off from direct feeding:-


- Mummy tried to substitute direct feeding by expressed breast milk in milk bottle. Guess what?He threw the bottle back to us!
- Then we tried to carry him in arms to calm him down and he hit us so hard with his little strong palm!
- Already passed his napping time, he got even fierce and angry... he insisted to have McB! Mummy never give in, therefore must be very determine, no means NO! Poor little fella kept on crying and screaming. Mummy offered other drinks and food to make him forget about McB.


- Feed him full with solid food before nap.
- Never drag his naptime pass 5/6 hours from his previous sleep time.
- Quiet envinroment and no playing with En En before nap. (Yes, they will get crazy when playing together)
- Insist him to sleep on tummy while patting his back.

If all the above successful, Zheng in fact will go into his dreamland in less than 10 minutes! Really a blissful moment for mummy... LOL!


1) "Open the door!" Even ask mummy to Open clothes for nen-nen *roll eyes*

2) Able to call everyone in the family including close family members from daddy's and mummy's side... eg. Gong Gong, Po Po, Yi Yee (mum's sisters), Jiu Jiu (mum's brother). He is able to mimic almost every sound we told him for almost 80-90% accurate on pronunciation!

3) "Bei1" (in mandarin means Cup)

4) "Xi1 jou" ( in mandarin means Wash hand)

5) "tuok tuok" (supposed to be zhou4, means Sit)

Motor Skills

Since 14 months old...
- Able to put his arm through the shirt when mummy is wearing him a shirt
- Able to hold on mummy when wearing pants while lifting his legs one by one at the same time.
- Able to throw ball from above head
- Able to lift up daddy's laptop that weigh 3kg with both his hands! A Strong baby...
- Able to walk up and down the staircase with one hand leaning on the wall
- Able to use cup or small bucket to pour out water into another one ( well, in the bathroom...)
- Able to hold a pencil or pen and draw on a paper... JUST TO ADD - When En & Zheng having pen or pencil in their hands and no adults in the room, they made their master piece ON THE WALL!


- Put on 2kg within 1 week of CNY... blame it on the cookies and non-stop feasting...
- Rejected the job offer
- Confirmed on job with music center
- Started a mini customizable handicraft online business (so far only 1 customer... haha!)
- Still hook on Farmville! Bad mummy, bad mummy,...

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slavemom said...

I c Zheng can walk up n down the stairs like a pro edi. And it's really good that En En is more interested in documentaries than cartoons.