Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coxackie??!! And the end of Breastfeeding Journey

Not really a real one but suspected symptom. Both En En and Zheng have ulcers in the throat but no spots on hands or foots. It started with fever on En En since last friday while Zheng was having flu. Visited paed on Friday as well and we only brought back medicine for flu and fever.

Zheng started to have bad appetite then refused to eat since Sunday's afternoon, and then at night... After that refused to drink at the end of the day. Worst still, he rejected to breastfeed! Mummy think this is really weird as Zheng never rejects McB since he's a newborn. He started to get fever too at midnight and was screaming and crying non-stop. All of us were so tense and panic with his reaction and therefore we brought both of them to visit the paed again on Monday morning. En En got a few red/white dots ulcers at the throat while Zheng got... Oh God! Countless ulcers all over his throat!!! No wonder he refused to eat and drink. Both were given antibiotics for 5 and 6 days treatment.

The most terrible part is Zheng still woke up at 1-2am, 3-4am screaming and crying non-stop for 2 nights! Everyone in the family couldn't sleep as long as Zheng was awake no matter during daytime or night time. He even asked us to bring him "kai-kai" at 2.30am by pointing to the door!!! We can say that almost 80% of the time Zheng was screaming and crying with occasionally complaining pain. Daddy got fever as a result of lacking sleep for 2 days... luckily mummy is well enough to take care of Zheng while gratefully Ah Mah is taking care of En En. Mummy is very determined not to fall sick during this difficult period... thanks God En En is recovering fast although she's feeling been left out as we pay more attention to Zheng.

Last night, we decided to bring Zheng for an emergency visit to the paed again thinking in maybe can get some solutions to let him feel calmer and sleeps well at night or maybe something to ease his throat pain. He took less than 10oz of fluid for a day! He has extremely dry lips and smelly breath. We only can feed him plain water, ice-cream and some juices with "leong fan" , one of his favourite drinks. Besides crying, he took very small amount of watery porridge and oat. The other paed at night clinic said he's having Coxackie, most probably got it from the elder sister. She only prescribed XYLOCAINE VISCOUS solution to make the throat and mouth numb for ease of feeding. Anyway, haven't really use this solution till this morning.

Last night Zheng slept well and never woke up till 6am... so did En En. Well, better way to say it is as long as Zheng is not screaming, En is able to sleep well too. Another weird scenario is Zheng wants Ah Mah to sleep with him at night and refuse mummy!!?? Maybe because Ah Mah accompany En En and Zheng for afternoon nap everyday, so once Zheng stop breastfeed to sleep, he's turning for another comfort with Ah Mah. This is just too strange to mummy.

We visited paed again this morning according to the scheduled appointment date. Thankfully both of them is recovering well. We are so relieved to hear that and in fact Zheng started to eat and drink much more than 2 days ago only in the morning. En En too has almost clear throat. They are slowly back to their usual self.

Now, daddy need to rest more for the following days and mummy feels grateful to have back sleeping time... Just feel so miserable mummy's breastfeeding journey ended up in this way. So, Zheng is breastfeed exclusively exactly 21 months and 17 days!


Vivianz said...

you have done well. give yourself a big applause. rest well yeah!

I am counting for my days to come. i believe that won't come so soon yet, at another year gua...?

chinnee said...

hope the kids are alright by now. Maybe Zheng will ask for the breasts again once he recover??

MK mummy said...

You have done well... 21 months... phew... I stopped mine long time ago lo..

Great that both kids are doing well...