Monday, September 20, 2010

Long time update...

Lately, lazy to blog... ahem! It's too busy to blog... mummy is busy with the piano practise and knitting while daddy is busy playing FV with his laptop after work everyday so the moment mummy got to use daddy's laptop will be after 11pm.

The house is full of the noise and voice by the two kiddos, very often to be heard anyone from the family is complaining especially Zheng is the most noisy person in the house. If he's not sleeping, oh my goodness very often you can hear En En or Zheng yelling, screaming to each other when they play together or later one of them will be crying... fighting over this or that.

En En

- She is now very good in speaking English as she is able to understand and answer back whatever you ask her. Thanks to the schooling days at Koala Kids Enrichment Center and the environment there.

- She is able to differentiate Left and Right correctly! Bravo, ready to learn piano but am not planning to let her involve in piano playing as she has no interest shown yet. Maybe after 7 years old...?

- Still that stubborn and pig-headed when it comes to requesting that particular person to bath her, to feed her or to play with her. Otherwise, she will show you the long face or making annoying sounds to show that she is unhappy. Yes, she still need to be fed and refuse to eat on her own. Lazy?

- Refuse to keep her toys after playing and will insist or force her little brother to play with her even Zheng is not interested. She always been beaten up by her violence brother due to forcing him to go by pulling him. Yes, she is the one who cries the most when 2 of them are fighting.

Zheng Zheng

- He knows when it is time to sit down properly when it's mealtime as long as a cane is in front of him. Otherwise, you can see him going here and there when he's in the middle of having his meal.

- Screams and shouts the most in loud pitch daily, be it happy or angry or sad... Throw tantrum by throwing anything in his hands or next to him when he's angry or didn't get what he wants. Very dangerous and horrible behaviour... therefore, being caned the most when he kept on repeating this action.

- Unable to speak properly in sentence on what he is trying to express. We still guess on what he's talking about. He can only says by words or doing action. Obviously slower than En En in speech but physically heis fast and stronger much more than his sister.

- A destroyer and black-listed little guy in the family as he will take anything that got his interest and play with it then drop the thing at somewhere no one know. Later, the whole family will search the thing like a mad person.
For example, he once took mummy's cellphone to play and mummy was unable to find it for 1 whole day. Unable to call as the battery already gone. At last, daddy found it in the sewing machine's drawer. Another scenario: playing with keys and at then end ended up in one of the kitchen's drawer; a few days ago, some of the toys were missing, after searching for sometimes, finally been found inside the shoes cabinet!

Both of them:

Love ice cream!

Love going to youth park's playground!
Love to glue to daddy whenever possible!
Love to play pretend!
Love to fight for the same thing at the same time! (Is there a reason here?)

Love to draw with crayons, doodle anywhere they like (on the wall and furniture) before being punished!
Love to eat fish and meat!
Love to watch "Timmy Time" on PHDC channel everyday!

Love imitating each other!


Chew Lee said...

hahaha.. sound very familiar... it is the same in my household too...

Peridot&Sapphire said...

good luck to both of us huh?