Saturday, October 23, 2010

We have a naughty toddler!

So, mummy think that Zheng is one naughty and pig-headed toddler before he even turned 2 years old. He has super bad temper with frequent violence on things and people too. Some call this "Terrible Two" phase and none of us in the family can live up with his tantrum.

Others are complaining Zheng is uable to speak properly or worse by throwing a question that sounds why he still can't speak at the age of 2?? Due to his undrainable energy all day long with non-stop actions (walking up and down, from front to back and so on...) and "difficulty" in concentrating even when we are talking to him, mummy really suspect that he is one ADHD child. It's just one-step before we bring him in for confirmation check-up. Therefore, mummy sourced in bookstore to read up about ADHD and children's psychology.

 Before mummy is able to read up from those books, mummy really can't cope with Zheng when he's throwing tantrum. Therefore, he's been caned almost everyday as he can just get angry over no particular reason or maybe just having bad mood... he will start his vandalism at home. Throwing things, hitting people (poor En En) , screaming, stomping feet, rolling on the floor with loud crying,.. you name it and things got bad when mummy is not in the good mood. Maybe our method is wrong but once he's out of control, everything around him will become dangerous weapons. He's really a scary little guy.

Mummy found some  helpful article in handling toddler tantrum from an interesting parenting blog which offers lots of tips and sharing. Thank goodness... and these are methods/tips to overcome a major tantrum (which always happen to Zheng everyday) at home:

Dealing with MAJOR tantrums (taken from Childhood101)

Sometimes preventative strategies don’t work and a major screaming, yelling, stomping, hitting, thrashing tantrum takes place. Here are a few survival tips for making it out the other side when it seems like your child has been invaded by a body snatcher…

- Don’t take it personally. They are not being naughty. This is simply an immature emotional response which is completely appropriate to their age and stage of development.

 - Don’t try and reason with them once they are in the throes of a major tantrum, wait for it to pass and them to calm down. They cannot listen to reason when they are that upset.

- Make sure they are safe. Stay close. Wait it out.

- If you think you are going to lose your temper and act inappropriately, make sure they are safe and then step away for a moment or two to compose yourself. You getting angry is not going to calm them down.

- Once they have calmed down, help them to resettle. A hug works wonders. Or engage them in a quiet activity. Let them know that it is okay.

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