Sunday, November 7, 2010

Colours Rule!

The kids especially En En is very sensitive towards colours... well, most children love pretty colours. En En and Zheng can't get enough with colours stamping or they call it "chop" (on paper most of the time).

This is one of the creation they both created with a four colours stamp ink mummy bought from Popular bookstore some days ago...

1) En En's is more likely will stamp multiple colours on paper in row, one by one neatly while singing the "Red, yellow, blue, green" tune. Mummy think she learned from Mickey Mouse clubhouse about the tune.

2) Zheng will just follow whatever JieJie is doing or snatch whatever JieJie is playing. So, mummy gave him to try on stamping too and guess what? He's able to "chop" same colours on the one he stamped previously. More like grouping the same colours.

Mummy also love pretty colours too and En En was bugging mummy to make rainbow colours shirt for her. How mummy wish can sew because it will be much faster but never mind... mummy decided to knit one blouse for her according to her colours selection. The blouse is still work in progress...

The green-beige stripy shirt below is knitted as a birthday gift for Zheng. He needs to grow into it first before can wear it... LOL! Yeah, it's very huge on him currently.