Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ouch! En En had been biten by...

Been thinking to blog about this but these days are so not in the mood of blogging... Anyway, this is not something terrible but quite a funny "accident". The injured part is so tiny and yet En En was yelling like being whacked with a big cane. Can't even see it from the picture, isn't it?

She stopped crying after mummy gave her some pretty print plasters with tiger or zebra stripes, dotted cheetah  and cow prints. She was amazed with it and fall in love with them and requested to "put on" plasters to her wound even already recovered. 

It's more like a new fashion trend for her in that one week after she'd been biten by... you bet it! Her brother Zheng Zheng!!! Reason is she put her leg up onto her little brother's lap when they were watching "Cars". Zheng was quite annoyed when En En unconsciously raised her leg and put on Zheng's lap. Zheng pushed her leg away a few times and yet En still raised her leg up... So, what we can hear later is En's crying.

Poor En En with the plaster on her toe, she refused to bath initially. Later Ah Mah told her to put her leg up higher when bathing then only she agreed to get her bath. Well, she even unable to walk properly when the plaster was sticking and walk as normal when there's no plaster. Hmm... psychologically thinking?


Mummy to QiQi said...

love bits by jie-jie??

Angeleyes said...

Hahahaha... so cute!
I used to put on these plasters too when they first came out... VAIN! kakakaka