Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Since last May, CK & I already upgraded as parent. Parenthood is exciting, challenging and exhausting. It marks a new beginning in our life and at the same time also raised up conflicts and matters between each other.
It's not easy to maintain good communication and thinking with anyone in the family espcially if one doesn't accept opinions from others. The feeling is complicated and I'm the one who's stubborn enough to hold firm about my stand in my parenting style which I considered definitely perfect. It's quite confused coz at some point I feel like I'm too sensitive about my surrounding & people but think from another perspective, why am I so stubborn about my stand as anyone around me in fact is helping and easing my burden and yet I never realized it.
We gone through the most difficult and terrible first five months after the baby was borned. Tears, confusion, dislike, helpless, stress & pressure poured like rain and it seems never ending.
Eventually, I can't bear it and talked it out with CK from time to time and finally I decided to make a chance, a chance from my mindset and my stubborn thinking. I admit I didn't do it well and I spent a few months more to really release all the pain and bad feelings. The process is painful but only throught this I realised there are way too many things that I gotto learn. It's just a path in completing my life, a part where I should stand up and face it on my own. It's a good challenge, and a good change.

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