Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Work Distribution

Ever wonder how come you have unfinished job and assigments given by your boss? Let's see... we work in a company and we work in group. We need each other cooperation and opinions.
I always wonder why I have so many tasks to be completed and why my work keeps on piling? I was living under stress and become low self-esteem, grumpy and irritable person as I never feel happy about my job. In fact, most of the employees will agree with me. Oh... by the way, I have 2 subordinates reporting to me.
Today, something unpleasant happened. Customer complained about our performance and in fact I should be the one who handle this and it turned out that I'm the last to know. Reason is I'm way too bz doing new jobs which keep on assigned to me and my group and I never realized I haven't really plan and distribute out the tasks to my people.
James finally confronted me, seeking for solution for nice talk back with the customer. I revealed about my working situation and perhaps all the while I never think that I should pass the tasks to my people and watch an eye on them. Instead of take up all the responsibilities on my own. I felt a bang on my head and I really feel like hitting my head towards the wall after all this while....
Yes, it's time to let go and plan something more resourceful about my work instead of working like a cow, the company neither pay more to me nor appreciate my hard work. They will label you as "poor management skill", that's all. Afterall, assignments planning and distributing works more efficient than working all alone.
So my dear... don't ever think that work hard is the key to success but work smart means lots more than that and remember to make full use of "work distribution" among the group!

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