Monday, November 12, 2007

Conflicting mind towards paid post

Bloggers nowadays write paid post. I also wish to write on products review and get paid by the company. This is the norm today and everyone is so happy that they earn from blogging, I put it in simple words: Earn money while doing things that like you like such as blogging. So simple? Yes, sounds so tempted and easy, I'll have to admit writing paid post is a new way to get some pocket money. Yes, I'm tempted so sweet talk me into writing ppp... :P

My initial intention to have a blog is to keep my journal and to be frank, I do have a diary when I was a teenager. I just found 2 of my diaries from home and reading back what I wrote is so much fun and interesting. I stopped to write on diary when I further my study in college and university. Then, I was amazed with a blog's capabilities and that's why I start to write blog so that I can keep the memory in words or pictures. (Well, I'm quite a forgetful person, you know...)

There are a few things that I worry if I ever start to write paid post: spam and many other hidden technical issues which I don't know or clueless with. I wish to keep my blog as clean as possible like now (I think it's impossible once the traffic is getting heavy). All the expert bloggers out there, please share with me how do you overcome the spam problem and your most terrible experience with paid post?

To be frank, I quite like the way Mybabybay, Shoppingmum and GiddyTiger present their paid post in a new site. That's means more blogs to handle *fainted*


mybabybay said...

Hehehe...just click my referral link and sign up. You don't have to do anything but go in and see what it is like. :P

slavemom said...

The extra pocket money is really very tempting. But a lot of hard work involved. My opinion, if it stresses u out, then don't do it loh.

chanelwong said...

i totally agree with slavemom, don't do if it stresses you up.

As for me, I write when I feel like and if got opportunity. Trying my very best to avoid too many paid post. Agree, mybabybay is great. I am learning a lot from her.

shoppingmum said...

Oh well, it will be a bit late, but you can still give it a try. But don't put too high hope on paid posts for the time being, the big G just demoted a lot of blogs, so no one knows what comes next.
But I have a lot of fun over the past few months, no paid posts also the blogs can go on. :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

michelle: I did but disapproved... :(

slavemom & chanel: well... I think you are right maybe this is not my cup of tea.

shoppingmum: I think I know what to do liao... thanks for the advise.