Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Online Shopping Craze!

Ever since I was introduced into the blogsphere, I discovered more and more e-stores and the convenience to purchase online. Well, the first online product I bought was a modern cloth diaper! Everyone around me gave me a strange stare as how can you trust online store? Well, if you never try, you will never know.

I'm in love with the process of buying online now and everytime when I browse at the e-store... well, mostly they are baby items and I really can't wait to fill the shopping cart as much as I can. Even I don't really buy in the end... I think I'm having some crazy imagination thinking that I'm going to get the item from the merchant soon. LOL!

Oh well, I do hope that my credit card will be able to use as I really need to purchase some knitting yarn from overseas for my knitting project. I just don't understand why my credit card is refused when I'm preparing to make online payment. When I look at the shopping cart that I filled up with wool yarns, I feel so sad that I can't proceed the transaction of purchasing. Probably I need to visit the bank tomorrow to get some clarification.


Wai Mun said...

Some credit cards need the verification code to be registered first then only can use online, you should call up your bank to ask....I have faced this matter last time...

lotus said...

I just msg you, go check your email/xanga :)