Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are you a Beauty?

Many young ladies nowadays wish to become singer or actress through participating in talent contest, cat-walk competition or maybe beauty pageant. Even magazines will have Beauty Queen or Miss XXX of the year held annually. The one I remember is our local CLEO which will select the Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year! I'm not sure whether this event still available since I stop reading CLEO when I turned 25. So, I'm aging now...

Each year, there will be many new faces or look of the year appear. They are beautiful, handsome, young, energetic, tall, and... many more. Everyone who had seen En En will tell me I have a model look-alike daughter, very beautiful and smart. She will have bright future when she grows up. Well, in my opinion, I don't really encourage my children to live under the limelight or become a model. Our cultures and believes is very different and not every parent can accept the child having a life without privacy, well sort of exposure to the public. At least I know I'm one of them. There are parent who love the kids to be the headlines of the press or superstar... maybe can pay a visit to Hopefully you can find some information there.

Anyway, I still believe beauty is not everything. Even handicapped children can have bright future if given proper guide. Therefore, being a parent is a challenging task and now I realized why my parent refuse me and my sisters to take part in any beauty contest previously.

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