Saturday, July 12, 2008

Naughty Baby!

Mummy got so pissed off when En En is always against us.

1) Mummy asked En En to bath:

She says: "My hands pain pain, cannot get wet!" In fact, there's nothing wrong with her hands... or she will simply said: "Later... baby is watching movie!" *Arrgh...*

2) Mummy asked En En to collect her toys and keep in the box:

She quickly jump onto the sofa, sitting there and pointing to her legs saying: "Leg pain, no strength (jiao3 tong4 tong4, mei2 you3 li4 - in Mandarin) to do!"

3) Mummy asked En En to finish her milk as she will leave 1-2oz for every feed:

She says: "Ming2 tian1 he4! "(Drink tomorrow!!!)

4) Mummy asked En En to take her porridge or collect her dirty clothes from the floor:

She says: "Baby pao3 tiao4!" (Baby runs away!!!)

5) Mummy gives En En milk bottle:

She says: "Mummy cannot give! Ah Mah can!" *roll eyes* So picky one?

6) Mummy asks En En to greet Good Morning:

She says: "Mei3 you3 Good Morning!" (No Good morning!)

Is this part of Terrible Two phase??


Angeleyes said...

She is funny ler! So cheeky.

slavemom said...

hehehe.. I can't stop laughing. She's soooo funny! But I guess when u're the one facing the situation, it's not that funny anymore yeah.

Malaika's mummy said...

cheeky En EN.

So funny.