Sunday, February 15, 2009

33 months old


Height: 92.5cm
Weight: 13.5kg

Lately, I found new love with rice but not forgetting the porridge. I prefer to sit in and take a few spoonful of rice with fish or meat when everyone is having meal at the dining table. I can't lie to Ah Mah or mummy that I'm full as Ah Mah will eventually feed me porridge later on. Ah Mah is frustrated to feed me rice as I eat too slow because rice is hard to swallow. Oh... most of the time I don't chew when people feed me.

Sometimes, I won't swallow if I don't like to eat rice or porridge. It depends on my mood. But I have supper every night in Ah Mah's room, be it the cheese stick bread or my honeycake (kuih bahulu) with milk. I still drink milk 7-8oz 3 to 4 times per day. Don't tell anyone that I still take milk before I wake up early in the morning around 5-7am or sometimes in the middle of the night if I hardly can sleep.

Daddy likes to bring me to Maxim Cake House regularly for their Gelato, a new type of ice cream which is less sweet and less creamier than normal ice-cream. I love to go there and my favourite... surprisingly is the waffle on top of the ice-cream! Speaking about ice-cream I can't forget McDonald's vanilla cone ice-cream. I will sure ask daddy to buy one whenever I see the McD's ice-cream stall when we go to Gurney Plaza.

I don't refuse plain water anymore and sometimes it' an good excuse to ask Ah Mah or mummy to get plain water, prune juice, yakult or yoghurt if I throw tantrum and want to lengthen the time for them to serve me. More choices to make now... hehehe...

Potty/Toilet Train

I won't tolerate to get into any diapers if I don't go to bed for nap or sleep. After much "advises" from Ah Mah that I must sleep on the floor if I wet the bed, I accepted the fact that I still need to wear a disposable diaper to sleep at night. Maybe I can't wake up or maybe I cried at midnight whenever asked to pee. Ah Mah scares my voice will wakes up the whole family, with no chice but to buy more disposable diapers for me. Luckily, no diapers for me when we go out kai-kai as I know daddy, mummy or Ah Mah will bring me to the toilet if I tell them I need to pee.

I still trust my red little potty at home whenever I do my big business. I don't want to use mummy's or Ah Mah's potty in the toilet, (the seated toilet) it is too big for me. My big business time is the time before I go to bed every night, provided if I don't constipated.

Feelings & Developments

1. I a now able to turn the door knob and I know how to open door!!! Hurray!!! Don't ever try to close door and leave me alone in the room as I know how to escape...

2. I am still learning to using fork and spoon together even I never success yet. But I love to play that way when at the dining table with all the "big people".

Sometimes, I feel not being loved when Di Di is around. Everyone's attention is him and not me. I cry alot lately and throw tantrum with no reasons in the eyes of the "big people". Ah Mah whacked my butt a few times but I just can't stop not to cry or manja. I want to be pampered like Di Di but I do not know what's missing in me... the feeling is miserable and I do not know how to express it except throwing tantrum and cry out loud.

Sometimes I want mummy, sometimes I don't want mummy but I want Ah Mah most of the times. Mummy needs to carry Di Di and I can't bear with it whenever I hear Di Di cries. I have butterflies in my tummy and I can't help but cry together with Di Di. I hardly can stop crying once get started. I know everyone dislike me when I cry but this is how I want to do to get their attention.
Whenever I see Di Di's stuff which was once belongs to me, I'll try to get back.

That's all for now, I want to follow daddy out to Youth Park to play slide and see-saw. Daddy brings me to many places nowadays and I love to go out.


Mummy to QiQi said...

can send in the photos for contest ler...hehe...

Peridot&Sapphire said...

what photos??

Angeleyes said...

I think En-en is as tall as Darrius who is almost 6 months older!

slavemom said...

Wud En En eat better if she feed herself? Or maybe let her eat the same time with the adults at the dining table. Kids at this age like to imitate adults.