Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Zheng is 4 months old!

The more frequent mummy trim the nail of those little fingers, that's the symbol of how fast our little one grows up everyday!
Height - 60cm
Weight - Weighed last Sunday when visit paed at Adventist Hospital was 7kg! But mummy think not realy 7kg yet but definitely more than 6.6kg already.
Exclusively on breast milk but mumy realized he is now showing interest on what we eat. He will smacks his lips and makes some sounds whenever he sees mummy is drinking or eating in front of him.
Feeding every 2 hourly, taking approximately 3-4oz of bm.
Poo poo between 7-12 days since last month and need to monitor.
Motor Skills
1. He is finally able to turn from his back to the sides and ended up on tummy.
2. He can grasp anything that he's able to reach such as the hanky, bolster and pillow.
3. He's a bouncing baby as he can't stop junping if we let him stand while carrying him.
4. He loves to suck his fingers. No particularly which finger but if possible he would love to have the whole fist inside the mouth! Sucks palms, arm or shoulder of anyone who carries him.
5. Laughes uncontrollably when we play peek-a-boo. Prefer rough actions very much while playing.
Baby Zheng is a Happy Baby! He will smile and laugh with anyone who smile at him or play with him. He will draw anyone's attention by trying to talk to you and give you that million dollar smiling face.
Very active as he will kick and jump non-stop when we are holding him. Loves to be carried (even sleep!) and will play on his own for the most 30 minute if no one is free to entertain him provided he's full and not sleepy.
Baby Zheng can be very fierce and aggresive when it's pass his nap time and hungry. He will shout in the highest pitch he can while grasps tightly on the person who carry him. At the same time, he will start to "bite" while still shouting! It will be terrible if he has teeth later on...
This is still a struggle for mummy and baby Zheng as mummy still in the process of training him to fall asleep on his own. Due to En En's crying on each time the little brother cries, mummy has no choice but to avoid letting baby Zheng cry too much and that's mean swinging him to sleep in a sling too! Therefore, baby Zheng already used to sleep that way, it will be another attempt to change his current sleeping habit.
The longest nap time for daytime is 30 minutes till 1 hour. Luckily he sleeps well at night except need to be fed every 2-4 hourly. At night, he will start to sleep from 10.30pm or 11.00pm till next mmorning 10.00am or 11.30am with a few feeding in between.


Mummy to QiQi said...

a good weight for 4 month old ler...bravo to mummy!

lotus said...

Wow 7kg! My 4 month old girl is about 6.5kg, can shake hands LOL

Looks like your 4mo and my 4 mo share similar HAPPY personalities.

He is looking absolutely adorable :)

lotus said...

Another thing about poo: exclusively breastfed babies can go from 1 days to up to 10days without pooing, this is normal. It just means he is very efficient in retaining the nutrients in bm.
It also means that when he does poo, he would poo quite a bit! (is this your experience?)

chanelwong said...

so cute...Well Done Sharine on your breastfeeding journey...

Sasha said...

i think poopoo 7-12 days is okay cos u're exclusive bfding. My also also used to poo 7 days once. I was worried then i asked around andthey say its normal cos the baby absorbed everything, so u see the healthy size in bb zheng. So cute!

slavemom said...

That's one vy cute cheeful bb.