Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dark New Year and 2 Down!

31 Dec 2007


Suddenly Mummy was having diarrhea before went back home and felt nausea! That kind of feeling never return since mummy was having it while pregnant with En En for 7 months! First thought in mind is the wind inside the bloated tummy was tumbling up and down.
Well, it's new year eve and Mummy wish to see En En earlier and forgot about the nausea feeling. On the way back home while driving... mummy vomitted in the car! While still speeding through the traffic light... LOL! There's no way to stop but never mind since it's just a few minutes to reach home.

The whole evening from 7pm till 11.30pm, mummy vomitted four times after any fluid or solid intake. It felt better if didn't took anything. Rushing to the toilet thrice and couldn't even attend En En since she was calling mummy for so many times even up to the bedroom. Mummy was sleeping like a log in the living room. All Mummy knew is En En did cuddled up with mummy afew times when mumy was sleeping downstairs.

1 Jan 2008

Mummy was getting better and stop going to the toilet after taking 2 tablets of motilium to ease the wind. Hoping to get a good night sleep with En En now. Before even stepped up the stairs, we heard a loud cry and coughing sound of our little one. Mummy then discovered En En thrown out her milk together with phlegm that cause her to cough so terrible. Consoled and persuaded her to get back to sleep. We thought everything should be fine.

En En cried and woke up because of her coughing and vomitting again. Still some phlegm was discovered with little fluid. We cleaned her and she was back to sleep.

A loud cry - as En En was having a hard time to sleep and vomit for another time.

4.40a.m - 5.30a.m
En En's condition not improving and vomitted for another 2 times and this time is right after every intake of fluid. We tried to make her sleep but not very sucessful as she probably has stomach pain and that bothered her alot. She passed alot of gases out and that made her even difficult to get back to sleep.

Mummy was having fever by now.

5.45a.m - 6.30a.m
Discovered En En also has fever. She kept on vomit again. It's alarming us already. Everyone suspected mummy spread the virus to En En already as we were having the exact same symptoms except En En has no diarrhoea yet. Hence, quickly packed her clothes and neccessities and rush to clinics to get confirmation.

En En vomitted for the 7th time and doctor in clinic advised us to send the little one to ICU immediately and mummy was given afew medicine to cure for the illness. Doctor even told us it's very likely nowadays everyone is catching this type of virus and we are not the only case.

Reached Adventist Hospital but there's no paed around. Took En En's height and weight's measurement. Mummy can only rememeber the weight was 11.1kg. We need to wait patiently for the paed to reach the hospital in around half an hour time.

Mummy quickly wallop down all the oral medicine as En En seems like clingy to mummy and refuse anyone else to carry her. Die la.... as we already know it's 80% En En contracted the virus from Mummy and now she still cannot let go of mummy. Mummy was so weak to hold her and walk around... but still with determination the body can go beyond our will.

Around 8.00am
Dr.Tan arrived and after examination and checking En En... he started his explainations and it's the cause of air-bound virus. 100% contracted from mummy as this virus spread very fast and anyone who get close to us will be contracted depends on the immune system. Wah! So scary... but because infants and toddlers are weaker for their condition, ok... it's the virus evolution in the body that reacts very fast so the changes is rapid and unpredicatable.

Paed advised us on what to do and how to look after her besides prescribed the medicine. En En must on lactose-free milk and paed even said it's normal that she will lose her appetite and refuse to eat as that's the reaction of the virus inside the stomach. Just be sure she's not dehydrated and take medicine on time for a day. En En was not admitted and was advised to come back again the next morning.

We went home with En En and followed pead instructions but too bad we hardly can feed her fever medicine every 4 hourly. En En was sleeping througout the day with very little appetite to eat anything. There's no more vomitting but the fever still not completely gone.

En En was in the dream for almost 2 hours and Mummy was glad that can give her 4oz of milk and 1 oz of water while she's sleeping.

2 Jan 2008

Mummy was abit worry as her fever never subside. She's getting warmer and wamer. Tried to feed her water but unsucessful.

Checked her temperature and it's a dangerous 39.8 degree Celcius!!! Called the paed and was advised to admit her to hospital immediately.

6.00a.m - 8.15am
En En was given suppository and we are advised to sponge her with warm water in order to make the temperature from her body to subside faster. The whole emergency room was filled with her loud scream and cry. She clings and screams for maamiee... no matter what! En En already grows the fear of seeing nurses and the ward with so many beds for the second time! Daddy went to register and we finally settle down in the paed ward room.

Her weight went down to 10.9kg and she was so shock and frightened about what's going on to her in such a short time and can't stop screaming and crying for very long time... so heartache to hear this repeatedly.

Mummy was having headache but nothing much can be done except continue to take medicine on-time and hopefully can recover faster to take care of our little one.

To be continued...


crystal-ivy said...

ohh dear... hopufully both of you getting better soon! Kuatkan semangat ya sharine..

Giddy Tiger said...

Oh dear oh prayers are with you and En En...hope you get well soon! *hugs*

bZbee said...

Continue with fluid intake and lots of'll feel better to take care of En En by then...wah..ur description so detailed that you can remember your events while feeling low and drowsy...

Jess said...

Hope you both get well soon... My little Arthur had a bout of diarrhea a couple of months back... I totally understand how you feel... about the appetite thingy, if she's still not taking food, give her some glucolin to keep sugar levels up ;)

Malaika's mummy said...

OMG, poor En En. And kesian you also.

Hope both of you will get well soon.

Mamalina said...

You poor must be worried to death about En En. Try to drink lots of water and get as much rest as possible. Maybe wear a face mask so both of you don't give each other viruses to and fro. Also maybe give En En diluted fruit juice so she can at least get some water and glucose into her system? I'll pray for your speedy recovery.Hugs.

KittyCat said...

Sorry to hear both of you are not well - just drink lots of water and yeah, take soya milk for now.

I know how you feel as Lucas had bad vomiting and diarrhea when we'd just arrived in China too. His appetite grew after he got well and regained his weight - no worries now ok!

huisia said...

hope both of you feel better now.
Happy New Year!

lotus said...

get well soon both of you!
Thank God she did not get diarrhoea

Wen said...

oh God! hope En En will get well soon. bless her...

slavemom said...

Gosh.. where did u contract this terrible virus? Ah Mah is affected as well? Better wear mask as it's air-borne wor.