Thursday, June 4, 2009

The 3 Year Old's Birthday

This is one backdated post. It's 15 May 2009 - Rou En's birthday. As usual, we only celebrate her B'day at home with her cousins and of course DiDi - the new addition to the family.

This was the day her medicine allergy reaction shown and we were actually brought her to see paed in the morning. Her whole body was covered by Calamine lotion, that's why looks so white!

En En gave us a happy smile when her two cousin sisters arrived to celebrate her B'day.

Cake cutting ceremony... she understands what a B'day is now. She loves to blow the candles.

Chocolate "Black Forrest" cake... enough for everyone of us!

Oh... not forgetting her B'day gifts... 2 story books and a brand new bicycle redeemed from CIMB bank! Cool huh? Guess how her old tricycle looks like? That's the 2 year old B'day gift too.


jazzmint said...

happy belated birthday En En

slavemom said...

Kids sure love to blow candles. Oh, so ngam, we both had Black Forest for our May kids. :)