Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Time Shopping

For DiDi to walk! First time mummy went out with Zheng without a sling! Mind you, we never use stroller at all as DiDi hates to sit quietly and will fuss whenever he's unable to see the surrounding. In a sling, he's able to see what mummy is able to see as well.

We let Di Di walked on his own... in fact, we were in Gurney Plaza to get him a first and a new pair of slipper. Mummy and daddy never expect Zheng already able to walk steadily by 11 months old and hence never prepare any boy slipper or shoes for him. So, Zheng was wearing En En's old slipper... see... it's PINK!!!

Di Di walked...

"Err... why everyone is looking at me? Am I cute or because I'm a boy wearing pink slipper?"

En En: "Di Di be careful, don't fall down!"

We discovered something more interesting at the Toys section... hahaha!

Enjoying the "prey"...

" I got too!"

"I don't want to look at the shoes, I want to play toys!"

At last, En En found this Kiosk and had fun with it!

Zheng got his new pair of slipper at last!

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