Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We love bathing together!!!

Hmm... isn't the bath tub too small for both of them?

They simply love dipping in the (baby) pool during the stay in Po Po's house. En En said she was pretending as an elephant that love swimming in the water... Zheng learnt not to crawl inside the pool as he already got choked with water when he was first in the pool with Jie Jie. Well, mummy also got to sit in the pool with them together for the very first time. Great experience and all of us enjoy "swimming" in the pool so much!


Everyday Healy said...

Oh! It's good to get wet sometimes. Be it under the rain, in the pool or by the sea. :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

also time for me to invest in a pool like yurs :)

slavemom said...

The kids sure won't mind the small pail. Bathing together is fun!

KittyCat said...

Hey hey Sharine - I'm having a Bumwear cloth diaper giveaway - 7 prizes to be won!!!

Join in, ok?