Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sick Babies

Yong Zheng at 11 months 1 week and 1 day old

Zheng was first discovered having cough last Sunday. Runny nose later of the days and fever the next day. Visited paed on Monday morning and was advised not to give Paracetamol syrup if the fever is not more than 38.5 or 39 degree. Everyone was worry... really scare of H1N1 influenza...

He has less appetite but screams loudly almost everyday due to discomfort of the throat, which is full of phlegm and coughing. He was on antibiotic for 3 days, visited paed on the thrid day to confirm his status. Luckily he had no fever since the second day, therefore he's just having a normal flu. Anyway, he still need to continue to take medicine to reduce the phlegm and is still taking till today.

Mummy thought breastfeed babies rarely can get sick during the first 12 months? Zheng already reached 11 months old and he's walking so steady now... very cute!

Rou En at 40 months 1 week and 5 days old

Well, it's predictable that En En caught the virus from Zheng since they are playing together days in and out. She started with cough the days before yesterday, in the evening. Then followed by runny nose. Never visit paed yet as we have medicine (for coughing and running nose) on hands at home and Zyrtec happens to be the cure for stopping running nose. Mummy took a look at the ingredient of this Zyrtec compare to Zyrtec En En took for her allergy, they are in fact different in percentage composition. Zyrtec for allergy is 10mg of Cetrizine while the other one is 1 mg.

We suspect En En's allergy reaction is due to cold as the red patches occured when she is first discovered coughing and had runny nose. It's been more than 1 month plus she's not taking her allergy medication even during our 1 month stay in Alor Star. Daddy also mentioned probably her allergy is related to her respitorary system (the lung?) or breathing tunnel. Should discuss this with her paed if we have next visit.

En En had fever too since yesterday but subsided today and hopeully she will be better tomorrow. Flu is always taking longer time to cure, moreover on infant and toddler.

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