Sunday, March 4, 2007

Music student

I still remember the interesting and stunning conversation with my student. I teach music for part-time. Most of the time it's about how they throw back the answer to me, they have very direct reply and always with that innocent look. I found it's very funny to have them around too... :O)

5 year old Catheryn* showed up in her pretty pink cheongsam with nice hair tied and clipped with pink foral hairclip.
Teacher: Why you wear so pretty today? Where are you going later?
catheryn: No lah! I don't go anywhere, it's chinese new year mah. (It's Chap Goh Meh)
Teacher: Did you do your homework teacher gave you last week?
Catheryn: (with confident)Yes! I finish all already.
Teacher: So, you must know all the notes very well now?
Catheryn: What notes?
Teacher: The homework I gave you have it all (open the book and show her), all these, can you remember?
Catheryn: I don't know... (tried to avoid the conversation by looking elsewhere)
Teacher: You did the homework and must know to tell teacher what notes they are. Nevermind, we do another exercise.
Catheryn: Teacher, I don't want to do because I don't know.
Teacher: You don't know then must learn and teacher will teach you.
Catheryn: (nagging)I don't want... I still don't know....
Teacher: Do you want to have stars and happy face chop on your book? (kids love to receive the stamp of a star)
Catheryn: (nodded head happily) Can I have candy too?
Teacher: If you are able to tell teacher the notes....
Catheryn: Yes, I know now!!!

See how a child is getting more clever nowadays.

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