Friday, December 19, 2008

2 Months Old

Yeah!!! Mummy already breastfeed baby Zheng for 2 months... Baby Zheng is getting smarter as he refuses bottle!

Vital (taken on 2 Dec 08)

Weight: 5.1kg (from 4.43kg during 1st month checkup)

Length: 57cm


Fully on breast milk... therefore no measurement (everyone around can't stop asking how many ounce baby is taking)

Direct feed at the moment but tried to introduce bottle a few days back but he rejects.


Not so sure whether it's the training that mummy gave, he can't sleep on his own without suckle. This is not only the problem, he still insists mummy to carry him to sleep. Luckily no need to swing or rock as long as he's in mummy's arm, he can sleep soundly but when putting down to bouncer or bed, he will wake up very soon.

So, basically night time seldom wake up unless for 2-3 feeding. Daytime nap is the most 2 hours per session and the least is 10-15 minutes before he yells for his walking pacifier!

He loves to sleep in the sling and on mummy's chest. Trying to make him sleep on tummy and hoping that he can sleep longer.


1. Smiles a lot even in the middle of his feeding.

2. Able to lift up his head for a few seconds when put down on tummy. Lift his head up without any assistance when sitting on our laps.

3. Prefer to sit with back assisted than cradle hold. Prefer up-right position when we carry him.

4. Started to put his fist into the mouth and sucks.

5. He is able to use his legs to push on mummy's thigh in order to get higher when feeding on lying down position.

6. He talks alot when we talk to him and will make sounds if he doesn't see anyone around him.

7. He will close his mouth when given something else than breast milk.

8. He has a favourite entertainment for himself - looking and smiling at the slow moving ceiling fan. This can keep him free from screaming for us to carry him for 10-15 minutes.

9. He will cry before he pees and hates to be in the wet lampin. He hates nappy changing.

Baby Zheng is a sleeping problem baby as he can't really sleep for long hours during daytime. The most terrible part is he needs people to carry him once he's awake and the person who carry him cannot sit down! He will screams once there's no body movement. Only mummy can sit down because that will be his feeding time.


jazzmint said...

yoh..he's so leng chai ler..the smile vy killer

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

wah so fast 2 months yah. Bb Zheng so smiley!

slavemom said...

He's a sweet smiley bb!