Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding... what say you?

Baby Z rejects so much when we tried to feed him with a bottle. Why use bottle? He's threating mummy as his pacifier and we afraid one day if mummy got emergency that is unable to bring him together (Touch Wood!!!) at least bottle is the alternative. In fact, mummy wish to work part-time again to earn some money.

With Baby Z super high pitch screaming and crying, it's really becoming a torturing to use bottle. Ah Mah said this is terrible already, how come a baby can reject bottle? Of course mummy just keep quiet as the bottle-formula concept already printed in Ah Mah's and Po Po's mind, they both think that a baby that cling and stick to mummy will be a horrible thing.

Well, this is what mummy thinks:

1. Mummy not really plan to work until baby Z is 6 months old, there's no problem to feed baby anytime.

2. Pump and feed with bottle is a double work. Mummy insists that someone else to feed him with bottle if anyone still want to suggest mummy to use bottle.

3. Mummy believes bottle is to replace the existance of mummy. Sadly said, mummy also understand this after sucessfully breastfeed. So, it's no surprise why many people still think that baby=milk=bottle.

4. Baby too cling and glue to mummy whole day which is true. Others will say this is no good. Mummy enjoys the feeling to be needed by my own baby and taking care of him daily makes mummy feels more confident about motherhood. Besides, how many years your baby will cling to you? Mummy missed the first year with En En and doesn't want to miss another time.

5. Breastfeed baby better stay at home. Who said so? With a sling, nursing wears and a nursing cover, breastfeed in public is stull possible. The only challenge is you must practise the techniques to breastfeed in discreet. Parkson in Gurney Plaza now has breastfeeding room too!

Anyhow, it is mother's choice to breastfeed or bottle-feed. There's no right or wrong but as for my case, AT THIS POINT MUMMY CHOSE TO BREASTFEED even that means has to overcome tons and tons of hurdles. There are too many reasons behind that encouraged mummy to stay firm in breastfeeding.

All in all there's only one thing that mummy feel miserable about baby Z and that's his nap time. Mummy can't always carry him to sleep and be a walking pacifier for him. His average daytime napping hours are only 2 hours! Mummy wonders whether he's not feeling full or he's been preferring to sleep in mummy's arm while sucking to his walking pacifier?

-When baby Z can sleep on his own?
-When baby Z can really drink at the breast besides nibble and suck for fun?
-When baby Z let mummy has more time spend with Jie Jie?


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I don't personally agree that bottle replaces the mother. I bottle-fed both my boys and i don't think it makes me any less close to them.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Err... sorry if this offended you. This post doesn't mean to offend any bottle-feed mama it's just my feeling on why I chose to do something there must be negative feedbacks from the family. So I just voice up my opinions here... :P

slavemom said...

Maybe it's oso dependent on the bb. Some babies reject btls n some can accept btl n breast at the same time. While I was bfg my boy exclusively, he was ok to drink EBM from the btl. With that, I was able to feed direct n btl in 1 session. So I know how many ozs he's taking.

shoppingmum said...

My boy rejected bottle after some time, and so did my gal. But then, I learned that my boy would take bottle, if I was not around. I used to work and be away for days, so he had no choice but to use the bottle.
I'm not so lucky to have kids who sleep on their own, even until now! But I do know some breastfed babies who sleep on their own, and even through the nights b4 6 months old, so I guess it depends on individual bb.

Mummy to QiQi said...

like u, i struggled for 2 months with the boys. After so much cry and resistance from the boys in their first 2 months, I discard the bottles and just feed directly. Let them have me all they want. So tired I can't be bored much anymore. After all, it will be only a few months that they will stick to me. Time flies and soon they will grow and leave me...just my personal opinion.

so enjoy!