Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sling Baby, Sling!

Try out babywearing... Ahem... should be calling it as sling that carry an infant or toddler with baby Zheng(Z) and still don't really understand why he loves the sling so much? He sleeps so soundly and comfortably (you will be doubt about this) at least 2 hours in the (looks) small and tight pouch or ring sling.

This is a DIY pouch sling (with batik sarong) and it's actually 1-2 inches bigger than my actual size. Still big? Yes, and everyone commented it's too small. Oh yes, if you are looking for batik sarong which is a good material for pouch sling, let me know.

Wear this and the DIY ring sling to the mall a few times and baby Z was so quiet in there. Perhaps it's mummy's smell? In fact it's Gurney Plaza and haven't really seen anyone use this... mama with sling in the south Penang PLEASE join me here!!! Everyone saw me and asked "Baby feels hot in there?" " Baby's legs comfortable or not?" Well, if only the position is incorrect. Visit Malaysian Babywearer to learn more. All my slings are DIY. Even bedsheet can be used too... haha! As long as it can be used, I'm all-okay mama.

Baby Z has problem sleeping at home, he prefers people to carry to sleep. Therefore, if he can't sleep mummy will put him into sling and bring him out after he's asleep. Mummy think it's not a good idea but still it's not a bad idea coz mummy is unable to do anything if carry baby Z all day long. Moreover, babywearer mummies told me it's another great way to lose weight eventhough the reading of the scale is still the same. *Sigh*


Mummy to QiQi said...

Sharine, me and my maid sling the twins too. In KL it is very common. BUt u are right, small town people seldom sees baby being carried in Sling. I was asked too, when i sling my boy in Kuantan.

Mamalina said...

Oh I've been away from reading other blogs for so long that I missed your story.

Congratulations on Baby Zheng!

You can still do things even if you carry Baby Z in the sling. I used to go online while Sean was sleeping or breastfeeding in the sling.

Later on, when Baby Z is bigger and stronger, you can put him behind in another type of sling if you want to do things.

huisia said...

maybe he likes to hear your heartbeat..that's why he can sleep soundly in the sling.