Friday, July 31, 2009

She's improving...

The red patches started from the end of limbs such as toes, fingers

About her allergy rashes... it's getting better... slowly... She is not on Zyrtec everyday but only take it orally if the red rashed/spots/patches suddenly appear fast and can't even go away after some times.

After the course of the chinese medicine from Eu Yan Shang, she indeed had "big" bowel movement for 4 days. During this 4 days, no Zyrtec was given and no sign of allergy reaction came out. Quite amazingly but she had to take Zyrtec on the last day she's took the chinese medicine. Somehow, we are still unsure what was going wrong in her body.

So till today... the longest interval that she's not taking Zyrtec was 6 days apart. Quite a good improvement as compare to previously whereby she needs to take it every night.

She stopped Zyrtec on 13 July when she started the chinese medicine, took Zyrtec again on:
- 16 July
- In between another 2 times
- 22 July
- 28 July

We still need to monitor her from now on and hopefully she won't be needing anti-allergy medication eventually.

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slavemom said...

Good that the chinese meds r working. Hopefully the rashes will clear off soon.