Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

Why En En doesn't want to be close with daddy and mummy?
Why she refuse to play with DiDi?
Why she seems like hate everyone in the fanily except Ah Mah?
Why she suddenly love the TV cartoon shows so much?
Why she has no interest on story anymore?

Mummy wonder whether because I breastfeed baby Zheng and she is fear of losing the special place in mummy's heart and changed to get Ah Mah's attention? How... and what to do?


MeRy said...

Cheer up.....Try to spend more family time with En En or go for short holiday trip.

Mamalina said...

It could be because Ah Mah has always given her special attention since she was young.

When my younger brother was born,my parents told me that my behaviour changed too. They took me to the doctor and the doctor said when there's a new sibling, it can cause insecurities. So my dad gave me special attention when my mum was busy with my younger bro.

So maybe you need to rearrange time just for En En to make her feel special again.

MK mummy said...

perhaps you can spend more time with En En. I try my best to still spend time with her, like reading her story book and of course baking with her. So far, she is ok. :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha..must be jeles liao. after a while, i guess she will be alright :)

Moo mommy said...

I agree with Mamalina. Insecurity. And u see Zheng can latch on u but she can't.
I always do like this - during shopping, daddy is the one carry youngest, and i am Jing's "full time" mum. She can play wt me, eat wt me, drink wt me... she had all my attention.

When Didi sleeping time, it's our mum and daughter time too. I read to her, doing craft wt her...

Later she will understand one. Just need quite a long time for her to adapt. be pation.

Linda said...

hey, thaks for dropping comments... perhaps we can meet up. my girl will sure be happy to have your girl's company....

i'll be staying in penang these few days... near gurney plaza... contact or sms me, k? zero one two five nine zero six two eight eight.. hehe