Saturday, December 15, 2007

19 Months Old

Today marks that En En reached 19 months old. She's picking up vocab and words very fast now. She mimics our pronunciation very much regardless it's in Mandarin, English or Malay. She gets almost 70-90% accurate.


Height : almost the same as previous month
Weight : 11kg (no increment)
Teeth : 16 with some still sprouting halfway

Bowel movement issues:
Serious constipation everyday. We are giving her oral solution to ease her bowel movement as the solution will help to soften and retain moisture of the stool. as long as we skip one day without solution she won't have the urge to do her big business. Temporarily have to use this solution besides looking for anymore ideas to encourage her to take more fluid!

Basically the same and she started to take cauliflower, bayam, bak choy,... more fiber to help her bowel movement.

She still have night feeding depending on her sleep time interval. Mummy has to calulate after 6 hours after she doozed off, it's time to feed her 4 oz milk. If En En doesn't make noise or sleep like a log then no need.

Words that she can speak and able to identify (the item):

van - van

air-plane - aeroplane

boat - boat

shhee - ship

ehh-con - air conditioner

ku4 - pants iin mandarin

yi1 - shirts or blouse in mandarin

shui3 - water in mandarin

"pot-pot" - girl's private part

i-ta - guitar

bib - bib

ba-tup - bathtub

egg - egg

o-ttie - potty

che-air - chair

hw-ing - swing

tree - tree

hua - flower in mandarin

mamiee is mummy and papa now becomes papi!!!

En En tries to mimic what we tell her again when we ask her to say it out loud. words that consists of 2 to 3 parts of different vowel is still difficult for her to say one shot. For example when we said flower, she only manage to said "-Wer".

Overall Development:

1) able to push the little stool to the door, snapped or bugged us to get the door key, climb up the stool and use to key for attempting to escape from the house.

2) no more bathtub for her bath since she will lay egg in the bathtub not willing to get up till she or us empty the water in the bathtub. There was one day she asked Ah Mah "ba-tup bu4 yao4 ah?" (No need to use bathtub in mandarin)
She misses the baby bathtub.

3) able to drink from cup very steady now provided the water in the cup is not full.

4) knows to feel shame and get angry if we tease her when she's wihout a diaper or clothes.

5) understand that when going out from the house need to wear shoes. She will quickly take her shoes and ask us to wear for her after she fails to wear on her own.

6) if she doesn't want to drink water or read that particular book she will place back to their original place. Book in bookshelf and bottle goes back to table.

7) mummy only brought en en to the pool once and she remembers it until today. Whenever she see the sea or a pool she will shout:"Miee... pom pom (means swimimng for baby talk)!" She is waiting for a day that I will bring her to the pool again.


Sweetiepie said...

en en is so smart.what a good girl..Happy 19 months old bb!:)

soomingooi said...

Hi, my DD is going to be 18 months old end of this month and she used to have serious constipation for 8 months time(from her 6th months to 14th months). At that time, she will need the laxative everyday or else she won't have the urge to go for big business and even when she did, the poo is so hard and big. Alot of time we have to use enegma to make her poo and that is not a pleasant experience (You definitely know why). What solve her constipation is the prune juice and of course more fluid intake. What i did is giving her 2 or 3 Oz of warm prune juice everyday, usually 1 hour before lunch time. And she will go for big business after lunch. Another thing that i do is put the water into the small water bottle (the type with straw) and leave it on the coffee table or anywhere that DD can easily grab herself. I will encourage her to sip water every now and then. After few weeks of doing so, i realized that she will grab the water bottle herself and drink the water. And since she start to drink more water, she do not need the prune juice anymore to help her poo.
I know what i mentioned is not any great ideas and not sure whether you try it before. But it work for my DD and i hope it will work for En En too. Sorry for the long comment.

Mummy to QiQi said...

Have u reveal yourself on blog before, sharine? Wonder where En En get that beautiful pair of eyes!

Vivianz said...

She is absolutely pretty. I can't stop saying that!!! Gosh, I love her eyes.

Bryan's Mama said...

give water mixed with ribena? some paeds also recommend giving my diluted fruit juices (esp apple) to constipated babies. En En directly opposite to my big poo boy! ha ha

Peridot&Sapphire said...

sweetiepie, vivianz:
everyone can't resist her eyes ya... thanks for the compliment.

soomingooi: hi, thanks for your tips. We gave her diluted prune juie too but it doesn't really help much. Or must give direct without diluting? then very sweet worr...

chinnee: she got her daddy's eyes even we both have big eyes. Err.. under the label of Marriage.

bryan's mama: en en take ribena everyday since she refuse plain water. Thanks we are trying to give her more juices too...

soomingooi said...

I gave prune juice without diluting. Don't worry about it getting too sweet. I think solve the constipation is more important isn't' it? :)

slavemom said...

I'm really amazed at her vocab. Aiyo.. poor girl.. got constipation prob. I don't hv any great idea, but I hope more fruits (juices or cut ones) n fluids will solve the prob.

Angeleyes said...

Wah... you also take away En-en's bath tub ah??? Same as Darrius, once in the tub refused to come out so when he can stand pretty well I kept the tub... hopefully forever! LOL

Happy 19th month to En-en... she is such a big girl now!

Malaika's mummy said...

Put more fruits and vege in En En diet, hopefully that will help. Banana and mango should help.

Happy 19 months old.

Jess said...

Happy 19 months to En En! For the constipation bit, banana, papaya and sweet potato does wonders. So is prune and lots of bayam with the porridge (poo will turn out green).