Saturday, December 29, 2007

They said I'm too free...


I shall:
- Reorganise my wardrobe
- Pack those unwanted clothes (in fact are those unfittable one as I never shrink back to my pre-pregnancy size *Sigh*)& send them to recycle center
- Wash all my handbags and shoes
- Collect those spoiled high-heels which already been repaired for a few times and dump them in the dustbin
- Finish off my music thoery exercises
- Practise the piano
- Complete En En's mini scrapbook album (just a few pages...)
- Try out the ink with calligraphy pen which MIL just passed to me
- Start to bake cookies for CNY

I can't get my head off knitting patterns and the hands off casting on... till 2am! The knitting momentum is back and I just couldn't waste even a minute not having the needle in my hands.

I'll bring them out to places without En En following... which is rare, as you will never know whether you will have waiting session in between. I knit in the car while waiting for the traffic light to turn green... yeah... I know, I'm crazy these days.

I think I need a break. En En doesn't want a crazy mama... :) But I think I shall bring my knitting project with me for the ride back to Alor Setar later... DUH!


bZbee said...

u do just that...bring it along..unlike me...kept my cross stitches for 12 yrs now...just becos the thread was so malas to do back..lost track...and it's ok if u are always on your wont make u nuts...keep it up...better than doing nothing 24/7 right?

Mummy to QiQi said...

talking about the wardrobe...really make me pening. open not careful enuf everything also wanna fall out!!

wHOisBaBy said...

wah u really can find time to do so much around the house. i think is time for me to reorganize the wardrobe too.

JO-N said...

Addicted already? I know you can balance up your time between En En and knitting.

simon said...

my mom used to knit while watching tv... but she'd stop when the exciting parts came.

actually quite slow that way!

Jess said...

Knitting is good relaxation if you ask me... anyway, since you are at it.. and I haven't got the yarn for it... a suggestion for a mini project... a mini woolie bag to carry your pads? The woolies ae just soo good night time diapering I was wondering it will work as well as a mini wet bag for pads... i think it would. Le me know if you do try it out, ya...

Peridot&Sapphire said...

bzbee: i'm sure you can slot the time in... not now but perhaps avi a little bigger later?

mummy to qiqi: wah! that's very dangerous... better make sure it's done before your TWINS pop!

anna: hey... seems like everyone forgot about the wardrobe yeah... :)

jo-n: I think so... MIL told me she knitted till midnight when she was addicted last time... the next morning still need to teach in school!

simon: i think that's the most crucial part... to get addiucted... once you gone through it your hands won't stop to knit!

jess: wow! that's another great idea but it's going to be the most expensive wetbag! At the moment I don't think I will go into that yet coz i'm thinking to use pvc cloth for wetbag... afterall we don't wear wetbag next to skin.. haha! LOL!

slavemom said...

Hang on to those clothes 1st. Quickly have #2, maybe can get back in prev shape. For me, some clothes which I can't wear after having XY, I can wear them after CE was born. Altho I can't get back to my pre-preg shape, I'm slimmer now compared to after 1st pregnancy. :)