Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Celebrating Po Po's birthday

Gong Gong and Po Po will be coming to visit us again this Thursday and it's Po po's birthday too. Aunt Jess (yi yee) will be in Penang tomorrow with her college mates & friends from KL. Then Yi Yee will join us on Thursday for the birthday dinner. Nothing special it will be another family gathering occassion.

En En is such a lucky baby, she has everyone coming from Alor Setar and KL to visit her often and even any celebrations, everyone will think of her and plan for her to join in. So, Mummy's to do list is to book accomodation and then find a yummy place for the upcoming event.


JO-N said...

Family gathering is good and En En will be the star with so many eyes and hands on her.

Bryan's Mama said...

I'm sure En En knows how much everyone loves her

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jo-n: yes.. she is always the star... till I wonder whether she's been pampering too much.

bryan's mama: hope she will show us soon