Monday, December 3, 2007

Tag: Seven Facts About Myself

Healy passed me this tag for quite some times already and I nearly forgot to do! I think I got to finish it by hook or by crook...

1. I met my hubby online and since then we have never ending conversations. We click so well and we share alot of interests... read me? A lot of different interests! So, it's not neessary to have things in common to start a topic.

2. I have 3 blogs. One for parenting life (you are here!!!), one for my passion about cloth diapering and another one is addicted to scrapbooking (yes, paper scrapbooking!)

3. Learning about the chemical terms and ingredients for skin care produts and cosmetics is another hobby of mine. We have the choice to be a knowledgeable and wiser consumer. Read up ladies!

4. I pick up crochet because I wish to make my own pretty crocheted dinner bag and learn to knit because I need to use wool cover for the modern fitted nappy. It's another way to save up money if you are able to make you own! Maybe will try sewing in another years to come.

5. I work fulltime but I don't have a career, I just have a job to sustain myself financially. Just feel wasted for what I had learned from uni life and I strongly believe it is not necessary to have a degree or master cert to be a sucessful person in life. Hubby is my proud real life example.

6. I am trying to recycle more from house. I wish to bring the awareness and educate my family members no matter they will practise or not. Everyone deserve to be aware about the latest issues about our planet.

7. I like animals particularly dogs and cats but cannot have my own since hubby is against the idea. Perhaps one day after I retire I could help in WWF! Note: Not World Wrestling Federation, this time is World Wildlife Federation!

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Moo mommy said...

Hi, it's me.
Abt the no 7 - disagree! love animal and taking care of animal is two different thongs leh!
oh... i work under jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan, in animal diseases research area.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

that's why I said after I retire and at that time all my hildren grown up then only I can take care of animals to compensate back what I have long to... hehe...

JO-N said...

Hi Sharine,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's always good to have a passion and have a chance to turn your passion into actions. Great job!

slavemom said...

Thx for the tag. But I've done the 8 one. Can?

Jess said...

Hi Sharine, Would like to know if you have the pattern for the diaper pants? I am thinking of knitting one, too. D How many rolls of yarn would you need? How old is En En? Arthur prob about the same size, too. Thanks!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jo-n: thanks for your compliment.

slavemom: ok la... can accept (pity u have to look after 2 kiddos and take care of the home).

jess: you can google search free diaper cover knitting pattern online. They are plenty... normally you need 2 balls for a toddler or size L. Approximately 150m. Any questions feel free to drop me a mail.

Bryan's Mama said...

soli...i do wrong tag kekeke

Bryan's Mama said...

ok kau tim!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Hi Sharine, thanks a lot for these tag. sorry for the late reply. I did this sometime ago, but I have add a link to your blog in this tag