Sunday, December 2, 2007


We teach En En about butterfly when she's still a crawling baby. Right now, she loves butterfly. When mummy was doing scrapbooking one day and thought of using butterfly in the layout. En En was sleeping but woke up when mummy was working halfway for the layout.

As usual, this little one is curious about what mummy is doing with all her pretty photos and she always asked me to carry her up and see what's mummy's creation (not really la... to disturb me actually). Mummy realised En En loves colourful papers and stuffs so mummy use the craft knife and cut out 2 paper butterflies shape and asked En En what is it? Without hesitation En En replied: " Fly, fly!"

Then mummy asked En En to show everyone what she had in her hand so that she can get busy for a while while mummy able to quickly finished off the layout before she came and disturb next round.

En En saw real butterflies before in mummy's hometown and we plan to bring her visit the Butterfly Farm in Penang. Anyway, the entrance fee at the moment is RM10 per person (maybe higher in future, who knows?) and daddy said wait till En En abit older then we can go together.


mybabybay said...

What a nice butterfly you made. My children love to go butterfly farm. They like to chase after the butterfly too.

slavemom said...

I'm sure she'd love the Butterfly Farm. But err... maybe too young to appreciate the different types. Anyway, I'm sure she'd be vy excited to c so many colourful butterflies.

Wen said...

wei, beautiful butterfly ... u r creative, me nuh!!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

michelle: DH said the entrance fee is ridiculous...

slavemom: yes, she already show that she's been attracted by colourful stuff not only butterfly.

wen: everyone can be creative if you have the passion & patience to do it.

shooi said...

Go to Butterfly farm while En-En's entrance is still free! :) Save some $$

Peridot&Sapphire said...

shooi: oh really? shall go and ask DH second time for the trip to Butterfly Farm...

YIN SAN said...

Greetings from Penang Butterfly Farm .

Kindly take note on Penang Butterfly Farm new entrance ticket price with effective from 1st January 2012 and do update this in your newsletter or any correspondences on the publications which will be distributing to the public and our tourists.
Thank you in advance for your co-operation.
ADULT : RM 27.00 per person
CHILD : RM 15.00 per person
CHILD (3 years& below) : FREE ADMISSION
SENIOR CITIZEN : RM13.50 per person (proof of age required)
MYKAD/MYKID HOLDER: 33.3% discount on adult/child entrance price (upon presentation of MyKad/MyKid)

Adult : Aged 13 years old& above
Child : Aged 4 to 12 years old
Senior Citizen : Aged 58 years& above
Digital Video Camcorder: FREE OF CHARGE
Digital Camera: FREE OF CHARGE
Daily: 9.00am – 6.00pm (Last Entry at 5.00pm)
** Penang Butterfly Farm is open 365 days all year round except half day on the eve of Chinese New Year Day. Kindly take note that show time from the Penang Butterfly is no longer available and we have replaced it with free& easy Nature Guided Tour inside the farm, available daily.. Large Groups - Discounts are available to school bookings and other large groups. Please contact us for prior bookings and other services such as our educational programs which can be conducted in groups.
Thank you
Best Regards
Marketing& Promotions Department
Penang Butterfly Farm | 830, Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia
t: +604-8851253 | f: +604-8851741