Monday, February 4, 2008

Why so difficult?

Recently En En becomes a very difficult to handle toddler... how?

- refuse to nap
- refuse to sleep even it's already after 11pm
- back to sleeping on her bouncer at night (extra work for us to swing her... arrgh...)
- throw tantrum and cry out loud in order to get what she wants
- still refuse potty and do her big business behind the door or anywhere out of our sight *slap forehead*
- refuse to tell us when she wants to pee even she knows it
- refuse to take bath
- refuse to get out from the shower room if we manage to bath her
- refuse to put on her clothes and diaper after bath
- refuse to change diaper no matter what (so, we have to lock her hands and legs or bribe her with new things such as mummy's camera... it's risky though)
- refuse to taste new food
- refuse to finish all her biscuit or piece of fruit and will force us to swallow hers by pushing into our mouth
- refuse to take water

Why? Why? Why?


crystal-ivy said...

sharine... I think we are in the same boat! Irfan also semakin pandai to refuse itu and ini... they are more clever n clever to say this n that, asking many questions and reason for them to do this and that... showing tantrums, cry out of loud, keep tongue out! errgghhhh u name it! semua Irfan start dah buat..! No wonder they call this stage is ""the terrible twos!" this is part of their growth.. emm sabar aje lah kan.. just enjoy the momment! :)

Mamalina said...

Oh no.... the terrible twos sounds difficult. I guess I'll encounter that too when Sean reach En-En's stage. He's already starting to throw tantrums and refusing things too. Gotta ask more experienced mothers to give us advices. Just hope it doesn't last for long... after all, they're only toddlers for just a few years =D

giddy tigress said...

Looks like she is starting to have a mind of her own, huh?

JO-N said...

She has reached the phase when she develop her own personality. Talk to her and let her know what's ok for you and what's not ok for you. She will eventually understand.

Happy CNY to you and your family.

KK & WS said...

it's a phase that they will go thru...that's when we (the parents) need to be creative in our 'bags of trick'...

Jess said...

Don't worry too much about it, Sharine. This is the phase all will go through. This is the time where they learn that they are individuals of their own right... no need for someone to be their 'boss'. Whatever you say, they want otherwise... reverse psychology works with Arthur sometimes.. maybe, you can try that with En En ;) Happy Chinese New Year!

slavemom said...

hahaha.. we hv a lot in common. I think she's trying to give u a preview of her Terrible Two phase. hehehe

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Oh gosh... so this is the "preview" for Terrible Two!!!