Friday, February 1, 2008

Getting a laptop

As I blog until today, will you believe that I still haven't own a personal laptop? I wish I can get myself a laptop for the ease to access Internet in the middle of the night... haha! Yes, that's the only undisturbed time I have for blogging. At the moment I still need to borrow hubby's laptop and wake up in the wee hours at night to do blog hop!

Lately, one of my friend can't wait and quickly bought himself a brand new Dell laptop just because of his new found love - blogging. He only graduated last year and started working less than 3 months! I was shocked and wonder how he got enough money to buy the laptop. After approaching him, we finally realized he used cash advance offer from the bank! No wonder suddenly he can afford on so many IT gadgets. He's going to get a new Apple classic iPod soon. I wonder whether he's able to pay back the debt later?

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