Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tag: Want to know what I love and hate?

This is a long due tag from Denna. Just realized this morning... sorry :)

1) I love to eat: hot and spicy + a tiny bit of soury food! TomYam is always yummy to me; never reject any types of curry puffs and of course chinese dishes.

2) I hate to eat: durian, everything meat meat meat... and cheese, chesse, cheese

1) I love to go on: vacation by the beach with family

2) I hate to go on: trip with people who prefer to sleep in the hotel or not adventurous at all

1) I love it when: it's a cozy and lazy afternoon to do some baking and reading in my own pace

2) I hate it when: everything's is so rushing and pushing

1) I love to see: peace and justice, serene of the sea, winding road in countryside, smiling face

2) I hate to see: cruel side of human being and politic

1) I love to hear: nature is singing, babies is laughing

2) I hate to hear: the sound from TV that's on for almost whole day and I'm living in such environment with no complain can be made.

Not passing this tag.

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