Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blog and Traffic

Do you ever wonder why your blog never get approved after your apply with PPP even your blog is more than 90 days? The next concern to look into most probably is the traffic from your blog. This is even true for those bloggers who blog for money, they will need traffic to increase their page rank and indirectly will have more opportunity to write paid post.

Basically, I don't realized the impact of the traffic and never think about my blog has any traffic. Then, I found Buzzfuse and it can actually help in promoting our blog and increase the traffic to allow our blog to be more visible in the blogsphere. Buzzfuse not only accept post but it accepts videos, photos, and even songs in which will help to promote your site to audience. Hence, you will have more visitors dropping by your blog and therefore more traffic!

Signing up with Buzzfuse is free and they also offer premium account with even more features. Well, I'm going to sign up and create more traffic to my blog now! What about you?

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