Thursday, February 14, 2008

Favourite activity for Chinese New Year

Guess what is that? I know many families was having gathering for Chinese New Year and also another favorite activity for anyone during the gathering regardless of age. It's gambling session! My family and my in-law's family seldom have this activity unless there are friends and relative come back from outstation and overseas. I think this is the tradition and culture in Chinese society as I still remember when I was a little girl I used to see my grandparent, granduncles and aunties will sit around the table to play blackjack. That's the moment I know we were having relatives from far away visiting us for celebrating Chinese New Year together.

These days most of the relative and friends are working across states or countries. We don't really meet every year for Chinese New Year celebration. I even heard of one of my cousin brother who's working in California, US plays poker through online casino. He is the frequent poker champion when playing with us back here before he moved overseas. Seems like all his Chinese house mates went home to celebrate this festive season but he got to stay back due to his work requirement. He even recommended us about this online casino whereby we can find the best review for various online casino and he is having great fun without us for this Chinese New year too!

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