Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008 - Part 1

This is a backdated post.

On the first day of CNY, En En woke up quite late and later after bath, mummy changed En En into a dress and clipped her hair with cute hair clips. She is not very well-behaved especially there were visitors and relatives in the house. En En dragged her blue chair from living hall to dining area making those squeaky sound and it was very irritated. The more we asked her to stop, she protested to do it repeatedly.

Mummy baked moist chocolate cake on CNY eve. After almost 3 years never touch the baking utensils... but the baking "product" was surprisingly impressive! Yummy!

All set and ready to be served... but wait... moist chocolate cake need to be chilled overnight in order to be more tasty. Cutting the cake is not an easy job though, some tips from MIL is to use a knife that is rubbed with a little butter and repeat rubbing after a few cut. Or alternatively, clean the knife frequently. This is to ensure that the edging of the cake maintain its smoothness (of the looks!). Don't believe me? Next time when you order a few pieces of cake from Secret Recipe, observe how they cut on the cake.


At the evening of the first day of CNY, En En still insist to go kai-kai. Well, we brought her to Gurney Drive and have a walk there. As long as she's able to enjoy the seaview, the boat and the bird, she's one happy baby!


JO-N said...

Gurney drive is a nice place. Every time I visit Penang, I would bring my children there too.

jazzmint said...

wah...the cake looks yummy. that's the secret huh.

slavemom said...

Wow.. so long din bake the output is still so yummy. U've got talent!
Great tip! The presentation of the food is important too. Must look good n taste good. ;)

mybabybay said...

I tot Secret Recipe soak the knife in warm water.

Mummy to QiQi said...

Sharine, the choc melting on the cake looks so tempting. It must be very yummy!