Friday, August 17, 2007

15 Months - Random Things about En En

Okay, Mummy is almost 2 days behind to update En En's latest progress. She is 15 months now and we miss her because she's in mummy's hometown. Basically, mummy is going to blog about random things about En En that come across the mind.

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1) Food - still no particular but no sweets food. Love crackers, ice-cream and some noodles.
2) Drinks - pear juice, all time favourite.
3) Animals - dogs
4) Toy - magnetic alphabets, Fisher Price Nursery Rhyme CD player and her Pooh bear!
5) Family member - Ah Kong for going out as Ah Kong never say no; Po Po for taking care of her and always bring her out since En En will push mummy and Ah Mah away when she sees Po Po is around.
6) Things to do when bath - drink tap water from the shower head or water from her bath tub after sucessfully snapped the cup or small pail we use to bath her *roll eyes*
7) Things to do in kitchen - open the lower cabinet and take out all the plastic containers, then leave. - admire the magnets insects and animals stick on the fridge
8) Things to do before bed - take out all her books from the drawer and read by herself

1) Food - sticky and thick texture
2) Drinks - H2O and sourly type
3) Animals - lizard
4) Toy - furry soft toy, she loves to see but not touching
5) Family member - Daddy because daddy sometimes can be fierce and serious with her; Po po too even En En still glue to her but En En will listen to po po when get scolded.
6) When bath - water runs down from her head
7) When in the kitchen - to sit in her highchair
8) Before bed - go to sleep!

1) Throw her bolster & pillow out from the bouncer, thinking to get out from her bouncer when refuse to sleep - En En wants to crawl down to collect her bolster (this is an exuse!)
2) En En always opt for cooler place to sleep. Instead on the bed she will throw her bolster to the bouncer and get up there by herself.
3) Po Po trained En En who always refuse to sit on the potty. She shouted for help calling "Kakak! Ah Mah! Pa Pa! Bee-bee (Poppy, po po's dog)..." anyone she can think of. Isn't she's cheeky?


slavemom said...

Lucky u she reads by herself. If not, she'll ask u to read to her ALL the books. :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

En En has got BIG beautiful eyes!

jazzmint said...

oh my boy loves dog too..he even dare to pat it :|