Monday, August 27, 2007

Eventful weekend

Sad to say, mummy was unable to blog as soon as possible since it was such an eventful happening, the time that mummy think about blogging was bedtime. Being so tired and lack of sleep for 1 week, mummy decided not to destroy the immune system of the body. Meaning, blogging has to get aside for our weekend.

*** Friday (24 AUG 07)***

Ah Yee (Aunt Jess) & Xiao Yee (Aunt Mendy, both mummy's younger sisters) visited En En last Friday together with Gong Gong & Po Po. They even spent a night in Penang just to bring En En out and our little one enjoy being surrounded by so many of us (mummy & daddy joined in after work), she is truely a princess and everyone was busy serving & entertaining her. Mummy heard Aunt Jess still call En En as girl, girl (with cuter tone), which last heard when En En was 6 months old. Aunt Jess still doing her degree in KL, seldom back to hometown and surprisingly En En get along well with her though they meet occasionally. We had dinner at Gurney Plaza's Nando's and as usual En En only will be sitting and eating for the most 30 minutes then she will request to go somewhere else by making noises, grumbling by herself, attempt standing up from the highchair, doing stunts... So, everyone had to took turn in order to fullfil her wish.

We brought En En to the G hotel lobby and she was excited by showing off her walking skill, up and down from mini stairs (3-steps height)... guess what? She walked non-stop and we were running behind her to get close-up shoot of her but unfortunately, not really successful. En En moves very fast and within seconds, she already walked from one end to the other. Mummy also gave up chasing her. En En never get tired and when it's time for bed, she simply feel unhappy for the separation.

Photos will be posted in my next blog.

*** Saturday (25 Aug 07)***

This was the hottest day in a week, En En was having difficulty to play and stay in the living hall which she usually did. She became cranky and asking us to bring her go kai kai, even daddy also agreed to bring her out to shopping complex. At the end, we were unable to go and trapped in traffic jam, the heat in the car get even hotter and mummy can feel that En En's body was hot. She started to get cranky again in the car because it's almost her nap time too. We decided to go home & switched on the air-con in the living hall.

En En's cousins came that day and the moment she saw them, Jia Yin & Xin Yin jie jie (by the way, En En calls every older sister or brother as "Kor Kor"... weird!) she forgot all her pain and sorrow... or whatever. You will see a lively and cheerful little girl again. All she wanted to do is playing with them. Mummy gave En En a bath and made her milk after she had her playing time with the cousins. Then, En En went for her late afternoon nap. Mummy was having a short nap too after watching the "Inconveninet Truth" with Daddy and FIL. My dear readers, if you are reading my blog now, I highly reommend that you watch this documentary film presented by US Vice President Al Gore. Understand why our globe is getting hotter and hotter everyday... it's really sad knowing the earth is sick.

Back to En En, we found out that she had running nose shortly after she woke up for dinner. Maybe she caught flu from the hot-cold-hot environment. After dinner, she started to get even crankier and bad temper at the moment right after mummy wear her a short! She thought we were going to bring her out kai-kai again. We tried to persuade and play with her, hoping that she will forget. Unfortunately, for almost 1 hour, she's nagging and throwing tantrum so badly. Later, we found out her body temperature was so high and tested with the thermoscan, 101.9F - prove that En En got fever.

Rushed her to the clinic, she was crying non-stop while waiting for her turn and daddy got pissed off by the nurse, nearly scold the doctor. Wow! Daddy was so anxious that night, surprisingly Mummy still very calm. Mummy became worry and panic when En En refuse to let doctor have a look at her throat. At the end, a loud srceam can be heard in the clinic as we had to force En En to open her mouth. Without any surprise, her throat was all red. Before this, she already started to refuse water and keep on screaming when she was in bad mood. En En was nearly peeing on doctor when she's been giving medication at the bottom due to the feeling of insecurity being examined by the doc. The medicine act to quickly bring down her temperature. So pitiful to see her cried and the bad feeling in mummy just started as Mummy realized En En definitely will refuse to take oral medicine, this is another big problem for us. Especially antibiotic with stinky smell. Arrgh....

En En was very tired after all the incidents for today. Doctor advised to give her the medicine after 2 hours from the first dose inserted from bottom. We didn't manage to wait till 11.30pm since little one already in low-batt mode. Her temperature dropped and it's a relieve for everyone. Mummy hope En En will recover very soon. Tomorrow will be the start of the medicine war.


mybabybay said...

I hope En En have a speedy recovery. 2 hours to administer the medicine, isn't tat a bit quick. Usually suppository can last for 6 hours.

Anyway, if a hot day I usually let my children play water in a pool to cool them down. You can set up the pool outdoor or in the bathroom.

jazzmint said...

oh dear..hope she's better now

slavemom said...

Hope En En's fever has subsided by now. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Btw, u've got tagged. ;)

Malaika's mummy said...

I hope En En is recovered now.

It's always "sam tong" to see our little one falls sick. You take care too.