Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tag: The 10 Stuff I Hated Most

Received this tag from this mommy, thank you anyway coz this tag really made me think harder. I guess I never keep track on what I hate and finally manage to come out with the following. So, here it goes:

1)People who do not bother about what is going on in the country or worldwide and still think that they are cool - in other words, people who is selfish and self-center for own good.

2)Ironing clothes.

3)Being asked to do something else when I'm busy in brainstorming as I cannot blame them since they can't see I brainstorm.

4)Raise about old time stories during arguments.

5)Eating tofu with no sauce; pretending I'm enjoying delicious food even it's not my favourite but mostly those are healthy food. Trust me!

6)Empty promises.

7)Wearing clothes or shoes in a very "out-of-the-pic" combination as I'm very particular about color matching.

8)Stuck in traffic jam = wasting time.

9)Owing money either to a person or bank.

10)Meaningless entertainment shows whereby you get to see celebrities play games or do cooking. Arrgh... most stupid show I would sit down & watch!

So, I'm going to give this tag to:

Malaika's Mummy


michelle said...

Why you need to pretend enjoying food you don't like? Huh? Btw I like ironing clothes. :P

Miranda Lea said...

whoaa! u really hate traffic jams?come to KK'd love it here where the jas are not so bad yet but you can do all your errands in 1 day w/out paying tols and expensive

allthingspurple said...

thanks for the tag !!! Same here on the ironing, never ironed a shirt before in my whole life. Okay, exagerating. I do,just rarely, cos when between maids, DH does it himself.