Thursday, August 2, 2007

Conversation with En En

Since En En loves to go kai-kai (out from the house for a ride or a walk), mummy will ensure that En En will agree to go home after that. She did protested not to get out from the car when we arrived home. So, mummy doesn't let En En bring our her favourite Pooh bear and will ask her a few questions before we reach home for every outing activity.

Mummy: En En, do you want milk milk?
En En: *Nod head*
Mummy: Want to sleep?
En En: *Nod head*
Mummy: Want Pooh Pooh?
En En: *Nod head*
Mummy: So, we go home and En En take milk milk then get Pooh Pooh and go to sleep, ok?
En En: Ou-Kay!

En En is so cute and you will always be mummy's sweetheart!

1 comment:

slavemom said...

How I wish CE can also nod and shake head. Much easier to communicate this way.
I bet En En sounds vy cute saying "Ou-kay!"