Monday, August 20, 2007

Dreaming about cloth diaper

Oh my goodness! I was awake at 3.45am this morning, realizing my daughter was turning while sleeping. Guess she must be hungry since the last feed was 9.30pm last night. Made her the milk, yes in bottle as I do not have supply anymore and she finished in her dream.

While I was about to sleep at 4.30am, couldn't so. Unconciously, cloth nappy suddenly filled up my mind. Fitted diaper, I'm going to get Baby Beehind and Tot-Bot bamboo.... maybe get another one from Bambineo? Or Happy Hempy? Hmm.... Motherease Sandy's also a nice one for heavy wetter. Nappy cover should try wool or fleece? Shall I pick Lovelybum or Stacinator? Tot-Bot fleece in Stripe is cute for its colours...want to know where I can get all this? Order from overseas, but I never do so but locally we have Mia Bambina.

Within seconds, I already doozed off and guess what! I was dreaming already started off to knit the soaker! OMG! Can't imagine how I knit since I never knit and never know how to knit I day dream too much and really can't get my head off about being crazy with cloth diaper/nappy.... whatever you name it.

Yes, since July I started to study and research about fabric and yarn for knitting too. Pulled out MIL's 70s book about needlework (published in Australia) and there are so many types of cloths that use in today cloth diaper/nappy were never exist in the 1970s. No wonder the older generation has no idea about what I'm talking about the modern cloth diaper. You can see a few that I tested on En En from my link here:

Isn't they looks cute and nice on little bum? They are washable, reusable, gentle to baby skin and there are so many types out there. Read up at Diaperpin if want to know more. Well, can't really describe my feeling but I'm simply in love with Cloth Diapering!


michelle said...

Your mind is filled with activities at night. Dream about diapers....kekeke. I miss tat dream for a long long time.

Malaika's mummy said...

dreaming about cloth diaper pulak?! Funny dream.:)