Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TV for young children?

I'm not so sure about what other parents think about TV. Personally, as I grow older and older, I realized besides providing information through news, documentary films, entertainment shows,... this is one media that does nothing good to young children.

My major concern is not on the child's capability to absorb what's display out from the box, oh and now we got flatter box, but the child's eyesight. Being a specky myself and daddy also a specky since 6 years old, and still stick to TV even nowadays, I really worry about our child's eyesight since she loves to stand in front of the TV. I heard that this "defect" can be inherited. Not sure how true it is but prevention is better than cure. So, having parent who wear glasses means En En has higher chance to wear spectacles/glasses if we don't really take good care of her eyesight.

Today I receive one interesting link from a friend and it's prove that infant or toddler who watch TV/DVD too often in fact does't help much on the IQ thing.,8599,1650352,00.html

Even myself, I found out lately I refuse TV compare to before and occasionally just go for movie. I personally do not encourage young children to watch TV but then again, it's our society that promote the TV sessions (think about the HK, Jap and Korean drama and seriously I hardly can sit down to watch even one series) in each and every family. Don't you think so?

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Wati Basri said...

i let Adam watch the Wheels on the Red Bus...he love it :) it had nursery rhymes on it