Saturday, June 16, 2007

13 Month & 1 Day Old

Our little princess finally brave enough to walk on her own and love walking everywhere in the house. She reached another milestone and learn new words as well.
Daddy and mummy went to Alor Setar to visit En En after 1 week plus staying with po po(grandma) and gong gong(grandpa, mum's side).
We miss En En dearly and can't wait to see her as soon as possible. Initially planned to bring her back but daddy and uncle still haven't recover from coughing plus po po also asked to let En En stay for another week in Alor Setar with them. So, daddy and mummy got to visit her.
Arrived about 4pm and little girl just woke up from her nap. She was very happy to see us but felt abit shy when asked to hug daddy and mummy. We talked and played with her for a while then only she started to called 'papa' and leaned towards mummy's body. She showed us her pampering looks, how smart!
Mummy brought along her new shoe and sandal, she smiled upon seeing the new sandal. It's in pink colour with little rabbit cartoon on top. She never fuss or complain to take out the shoe. In fact she was surprised with the sandal that comes with sound! En En just simply stood besides the table and continued stepping her shoe to make more sound. Her reaction was so cute! Then, she can't wait to show off her sandal by walking a few rounds in the house.

Noticed that she is able to pronouced a few more words now:

"Pei-pei" - it's actually calling grandma's dog "Poppy", don't know why she changed the name?!
"Gong gong" - grandpa, in a more clearer pronounciation
"Bok" - book
"Pooh" - En En's pooh bear toys
"bear" or "ber" - teddy bear toy
"kai1" - means open in mandarin
"nu-mor" - no more
"bi" - baby
"car" - car
"no" - think she doesn't really know what it means yet as she just follow what we said to her not to do on anything

En En understand alot of simple words when show her the picture book, she is able to point correctly on:
- apple
- orange
- biscuit
- butterfly
- car
- monkey
- bird
- pear
- book
- baby (sometimes she will point to herself, LOL!)and few more which I lost count

It abit sad when daddy and mummy left Alor Setar after afew hours with En En coz our child is very cute and able recognized everyone around hervery well now. Well, another week and we will be back together (that means the end of En En's holiday trip).


jazzmint said...

looks like she's picking up alot stuff

Paik Ling said...

En En is getting prettier & prettier with every day that passes. Her eyes are so huge!!!

Allyfeel said...

How come she is shy eh? Haha! So cute la. She is progressing well with words.