Friday, June 29, 2007

Sleeping Pattern

How should a baby or toddler sleep? Ever wonder how come they will perform "sleeptime acrobactic" and loud screaming at the middle of the night? OK, perhaps sometimes it's due to nightmares or play too much during daytime. Or maybe having stomach pain??!! All of these seems cannot apply to En En.
My little En En tends to scream and perform sleeptime acrobactics till mummy & daddy have to give her thumbs up! Why? We merely just lost our precious sleep for almost a week now. Mummy thought En En will grow out of her night-time habits when she's older but actually it grows into even more vigorously than before. Daddy even offered En En a place on the bed and daddy sleeps on the floor. Poor dear, guess daddy never sleep well coz turning the body is also difficult since daddy is big-built guy. Moreover, the screaming of this little fella always waken everyone.
This morning around 1.30am & 4.30am, En En suddenly screamed. Mummy got to calm her and rock her in the bouncer since she can't fall n the bed. Then, waited till she had fallen asleep, mummy still had to carried her back to the bed coz worry she might fall from the bouncer which she did, many times.
After don't know what time, En En was turning around at the bed - up & down, left & right with her legs kicking on the bed. Then, she hit mummy face *Ough!* then turned again, the head knocked on my chest (that's hard!) then slept a while besides mummy before she continued turning towards the other side of the bed. A few seconds, my daughter was away from my sight - fell down to daddy's place on the floor. En En eyes were closed, obviously she's still sleeping but just can't understand why she needs to turn so far and so hard till got herself down to the floor. Luckily daddy is a big pillow, she never hurt herself and continue sleeping.
The worst part is , En En was awake by 5.30am and still turning and kicking on the bed.Her parent was so tired and simply can't open their eyes. Mummy know this is not the usual time En En got out from bed, so made her the milk, she finished it then mummy sing to her, of course she got back to sleep eventually. She is really and truely an energectic baby!


Bryan's Mama said...

Bryan is exactly the same. You mean they don't grow out of it eventually?? :(:( I woke up 3 nights ago with Bryan's legs next to my face, and his head buried in the yes, he "terbalik"!

jazzmint said...

eh u sure u never play with her too much before go zzz?

Malaika's mummy said...

Malaika also does that once in a while.

And the acrobatic in sleep, wow... she never ceases to surprise me how much she turns and tosses in her own crib!!

BTW, you have been tagged, I hope you have the energy to do this tag:)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

bryan's mama: i do hope they grow out of it... i heard some babies no change even after 2 yo.

jazzmint: no energy to play la after work... I'm different from u mah...

malaika's mummy: so most babies nowadays are restless...