Sunday, June 10, 2007

Scrapbooking Supplies

Had been to scrapbooking store twice in a week! Gosh... I'm burning my $$ and I got so many stuffs from the store again! I even bought the extension for the album, means I decided to do scrapbook seriously now.
I think I'm addicted and I just can't help myself not to have the pretty pattern-papers and those cute and stylist embellishments. Being a lazy mum, I know what's best for my projects and I was once determine to do hand cutting alphabets and embellishment for my scrapbook. But when I visited sb store, there are so many easy ways out and that's means more money got to be out in order to get the conveniet.LOL

The pattern papers are so nice and pretty, how to resist??I went twice, snaps a few different designs and colours papers and was so happy as I can back to sb work!

Cardstocks: Various colours group to choose from I just got the pastel colours for my daughter's scrapbook.
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Pattern Papers: Tempting already....
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Embelisment: they are little helpers and very cute and handy
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In fact, you can even think of something and come out as embelisment too, no need to buy that much.

Tools: a must for SB. I even get a craft knife as I just love to do paper cut-outs and paper piecing.
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jazzmint said...

wah wah..where u got all those!!! in 1u there's another shop craft heaven selling scrap material oso, cheaper than the curve

allyfeel said...

Wow! You are really serious about scrapbooking eh? too stingy to spend on all these that's why I do digital scrapbooking like the rest. ;)

Creaft Heaven is owned by my classmate. They have a lot of other arts and craft things. They even give 10% discount if you become their member.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

jazzmint: papers all got from sb shop in penang, interested and always pm me... hehe

allyfeel: I got no own pc and also lazy to learn photoshop (but in future still got to learn as there is hybrid scrapbooking that combine both which I think definitely will need that 1 day). But on top of all I like the 3D feel of the result. Once u start then you will know.

Infact, besides the paper and album as long as other things that you use in the scrapbook do not touch/direct contact with photo, can purchase from normal stationary shop like Popular. Like that can save money.

Tracey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, love the stuff you bought, feels good doesn't it lol, take care xxx

Miranda Lea said...

hah!!! so lucky you!! I love arts n craft its just that things in KK arent that cool enough like it use to be 10 yrs back..all are getting more espensive and i've got no time to do anything now that I use to love day i'll blog about the barbie furniture i n=made for my eldest DD..hihihi..see la..if got blog again