Saturday, June 23, 2007

En En in cloth diaper!

The colours are so nice and delicious, yummier than I saw online. A lot of mummies now aware of the benefit of cloth diapering, I don't have to explain here again. Been waiting for the suitable cloth diaper for En En quite a while and finally.... they are here.

Just to show off a few (in fact that's the only I got... hehe..) diaper in action today!

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BUMGENIUS in Butternut
Fitted just nice but will outgrown very soon... *Sigh*

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White-Pink GAD
This one is bulky coz in size L, diaper stay dry but leaked outside and outer diaper was wet. Still very roomy...

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Aqua-Light Blue GAD
Fit like a glove but leg casing abit tight, can't use thicker insert.

Need more information, do visit Mia Bambina!


angiepoo said...

En En looks so comfortable in her BumGenious CD :)

Miranda Lea said...

whoaa!!! cool eh..En En is so adorable!! i believe that we have overspent for our DD wardrobe..hihihi!!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

angie: err... so far she never complain.. I think ok lorr...

miranda: I think so.... and after I got my BG for the second stash... must stop buying for a while, the $$ also can't be produced so fast... haha!

allthingspurple said...

ha ha. i must agree with Miranda. I too, have overspend on the cloth diapers. But good thing we can sell them off at e-Bay when our babies outgrew them.