Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm back!!!

En En being so manja after seeing daddy

Well, feel lazy to write blog after "resting" for about 1 week plus. A lot of things happened during last week and I think I need to recall one by one.
Daddy came back from Vietnam and En En was so happy to see daddy again and become so manja to daddy. She just need daddy to hug her and lean her face towards daddy's face, very manja.
En En started to walk now and I think should have a separate blog to write only about her coz she showed us her true colours at last which made everyone in the family were so tired with her. Well, En En went to Alor Setar again today with my parent. So coincidentally, MIL, daddy and BIL are having eithre sore throat or coughing, so it's better En En temporarily go for her holiday to avoid catching flu or any virus that might have in the house. Blame on the weather and lack of sleep.
We have visitors these few days from Singapore. They are PIL 40 years old friends and it's kinda nice to see the gathering among friends who treasure each other for 40 years plus!
Hmm... I still have lots of things to do even En En not around and we are going to miss her coz the house turned quiet now.

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